How It Works?

What do I get?

Product Description Functions

Safe Seat
Starting method:
  1. Stainless Steel waterproof IP65 button; damage resistance
Power supply:
  1. Rechargeable Lead acid battery (DC 6-7.5 V)
  2. Adapter (AC 100-240V)
  3. Battery life: 3500 wraps/rotations around 30 days
  4. Restart interval (8-10 seconds) to avoid misuse
Seat Material:
  1. Recyclable ABS plastic seat cover
Seat Material:White
  1. Overload protection
  2. Low battery reminder
  3. Counter fault reminder
  4. Fool-proof circuit board
  5. Film replacement reminder
  6. Easy installation & operation
  7. Wrong film installation reminder
  8. Restarting interval
  9. Adjustable wide installation scope

Film Roll
Film Material: Recyclable HDPE Sanitary Film roll
Usage cycle: 150 usage cycles
  1. Hygienic & convenient
  2. 100% bio degradable

Instruction Manual
A graphical representation of how to use safe seat which will be put up above the toilet bowl in the washroom To educate the user by giving step wise instructions

Safe Seat Enabled Sticker
A Safe Seat enabled sticker to be stuck on the washroom door which helps in increasing the credibility and raising the standard of hygiene of the client To ensure the washroom is Safe Seat enabled.
Indication Light (Red):
  • Motor overload warning signal: the LED light will be on for 2 seconds and motor will stop working;
  • No loading or the film roller is not installed in the correct place: the LED light will be on all the time;
  • The LED light will flash when battery voltage is low;

Charging methods:
  • If the power supply is available in the restroom:
    • Open the top cover of the machine and give the power through the direct supply.
  • If the power supply is not available in the restroom:
    • Open the top cover of the machine, take out the battery and have it recharged with the adaptor.

Replacement Warning:
  • A red line will appear on the film when the last 10 rotations of film roll are available. It reminds you to replace a old film roll.

Application Scope:
  • Vertical distance: 450-480mm (From center between two installation holes to the top front of toilet bowl)
  • Horizontal distance: 80-210mm (Distance between two installation holes)

Do's Dont's
Insert the roll from under the white roller in the fresh cabin and under the steel rod in the used cabin Don't start the day without charging the battery
Clean the used cabin with a wet cloth Don't spray water on the machine

Certificates of Biodegradability


1. Is Safe Seat cost effective? How will my consumption of toilet paper reduce?

A lot of toilet paper is wasted in cleaning the toilet seat. Women even tend to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before using it. Hence, a lot of toilet paper is wasted but with the help of Safe Seat consumption reduces drastically.

The water spillage while using jet spray causes mess on the floor, which the housekeeping is expected to clean throughout the day. High end locations even provide sanitizer sprays which are far more expensive than the Safe Seat consumables and they do not even ensure 100% hygiene.

According to our survey, the general feedback from our clients has been that they have reduced or in some cases stopped ordering tissue paper rolls. Thus Safe Seat helps businesses in saving labor and

2. I have an attendant outside each washroom, will I need Safe Seat?

The amount of personnel required to maintain restrooms can be drastically reduced, or their priorities can be redirected to perform other duties. Even if there’s an attendant outside the washroom, it is practically impossible to clean the toilet seat after every use. Even if it is cleaned regularly, a lot of toilet paper, water is wasted in doing the same. If Safe Seat is installed, the client can ensure better level of washroom hygiene making it 99.99% germfree.

3. How will you educate the consumers?

We attach a manual just above the WC on which the Safe Seat in installed. This manual explains the process step-wise to use the Safe Seat.

4. Is Safe Seat equally useful for men’s washroom? What if there is a men’s standing urinal?

The NEED of the product is there on every WC, be it men’s or women’s. Even though the usage of a WC is less in a men’s washroom, it is common knowledge that men’s washrooms are dirty irrespective of there being a standing urinal. Hence, Safe Seat is equally important in men’s washroom.

5. Is Safe Seat available in different colors?

No. Safe Seat is only available in white color.

6. Is the machine water resistant?

Yes the machine is water resistant.

7. How many hours do we have to charge the battery? How long will it run after that? How to charge the battery?

A charger will be provided. On charging the battery for 6 hours, the machine can run for 3500 rotations, between 15-20 days depending on the usage. The battery can be removed and kept for charging separately.

8. What is the battery voltage?

The lead acid battery’s voltage is DC 6-6.5V.

9. Is there a direct electric connection possible too?

There is a provision for a direct electric supply at the back of the machine. The charger can be plugged in and kept if there is a socket in the washroom. There is an overload protection because of which you don’t need to worry about the overheating of the battery.

10. Does Safe Seat come with a flap?

Yes, Safe Seat is available with flap.

11. How much time will the product installation take? Does Safe Seat replace the conventional toilet seat?

Yes. It functions exactly the same way. It is a simple 15 minute procedure. The existing toilet seat cover is removed and the Safe Seat is installed on the WC. It is installed in the same way as a conventional seat. Standard fittings are included in each box.

12. Does Safe Seat fit on all the WCs? What if I have a square washroom?

Yes. It is a standard size which fits on all the WCs and accommodates children and handicapped washrooms as well. Even on the square machines, Safe Seat can be installed. The edges of the square WC stay uncovered, but the user can use the seat as it is the cover they will be sitting on. Clients where it is installed on a square WC: Tea Villa, Smaaash, Oye Kakke, 1 above.

13. Is it possible to install Safe Seat with the help of my plumber?

Yes, installing Safe Seat is a simple 15 minutes procedure. You can follow the below steps for easy installation:

  • Step 1: Remove the existing toilet seat cover by loosening the nut bolts from the bottom of the bowl.
  • Step 2: Fine 2 holes in the toilet bowl. Set the installation base on the toilet bowl. Put on the chimes and the bolts. Adjust the bolts and fasten the nuts.
  • Step 3: Do it for both sides.
  • Step 4: Put Safe Seat unit along the bottom of the slot and fix it in the installation base.
If your toilet bowl does not have a provision to fit the bolts from below then we have a plastic packing. After putting the installation base unscrew the plastic packing and push it through the holes. Place the chimes and push the screw along with the washer through the plastic packing and tighten. Now you can follow Step 3 and Step 4.

You can also refer the following video for the installation procedure: click here for the video

14. In how many days will the product be installed? How many days does the roll delivery take?

Installation and order of rolls will be delivered within 72 hours of the order being placed.

15. When does the red light on the machine blink?

The red light on the top of the machine indicates that there is something wrong. It can be either of the following things:
- Battery about to die
- Roll not inserted properly
- Roll rotating for more than one rotation
- Something wrong with the motor

However when the battery has died, due to cut of power supply there will be no indicator of red light.

16. How do you know when the roll is about to get over?

Red line will be seen on the roll for the last 10-12 rotations indicating that the roll is about to get over and needs to be changed.

17. Is it easy to replace Safe Seat roll? How do I replace the safe seat roll?

Yes, replacing Safe Seat roll is a simple 30 seconds procedure. It is like disposing off the toilet paper roll and putting a new one. You can follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Push the button on both sides of the cabin to remove the lid.
  • Step 2: Take out the used roll from the cabin and dispose it. Remove the empty spindle and place it on the other side to fit it perfectly. You are suggested to clean the used cabin of the machine before placing the empty spindle.
  • Step 3: Take a fresh film roll and pass it UNDER THE PLASTIC ROLLER.
  • Step 4: Place the roll spindle in the fresh cabin and pass the film through the seat. Slide the film to cover the entire seat.
  • Step 5: One side of the film will have a slit. Pull the film from under the steel rod and from behind the spindle.
  • Step 6: Pull the flap on the spindle and fix the film roll.
  • Step 7: Press the stainless steel button and let it rotate once.
  • Step 8: Cover the cabin. Installation is done.

You can also refer the following video for the roll installation: Click here for the video

18. What if the toilet seat is wet?

If the toilet seat is wet, the Safe Seat roll will not advance properly. Clean and dry the seat completely, then reload a new roll.

19. What is the procedure when the rolls get stuck?

By following the instructions or reviewing the instruction manual, technical problems can be easily resolved. The client will also be provided with a list of QR codes which help them access videos explaining the correct way of installing the rolls. The same videos are there on the YouTube channel Ágrasen Global Pvt Ltd’ and the same can be found on the website as well. Click here for the video

If the roll is still stuck, the client can call on the 24 hour helpline number: 8080600700 or contact our servicing/sales representative and we will attend you within the next 48 hours.

20. Why is the roll rotating around the toilet seat more than once?

If the roll is not slide under the counter wheel or in case of an improperly loaded roll, rolls will cause multiple rotations.

21. Why is roll advancing slowly around the seat ring?

The roll will advance slowly if the battery needs to be changed, if the plastic is twisting around the seat ring, or if the plastic has been loaded onto a wet seat ring.

22. Does my maintenance guy need to take care of the machine during the day? Do I need to clean the used cabin of the machine?

Once the roll is over after 150 rotations, and the used roll gets accumulated on the other side, the used cabin can be removed and disposed. This procedure is as simple as changing the toilet paper roll. As opposed to the earlier practice of cleaning the WC after every use, the maintenance and janitorial personnel need to clean the machine only once or twice a day to ensure that the machine stays clean. If this practice is followed, the machine will always remain clean.

23. How do I clean the Safe Seat? Will an acid or bleach based cleaner harm the Safe Seat?

To clean the Safe Seat, use a sponge or hand towel dampened with a mild household cleaning solution. You are suggested to clean seat ring when the roll is changed. Acid or bleach will not harm the plastic body of the Safe Seat machine but the electrical parts should be kept away from such chemicals.

24. What if moisture builds up in the Safe Seat?

Safe Seat has a provision at the bottom of each cabin which will expel built up liquids. The used roll of Safe Seat Wrap is enclosed in a separate, isolated chamber, to prevent the germs from migrating onto the seat and/or to the fresh roll of Safe Seat Wrap.

25. Can the used roll be re-used?

The used roll is cut, and rolled onto a take-up spindle in the used cabin of the machine. Thus, it is not possible to re-use the roll.

26. What if the battery is not charged and the Safe Seat stops working during busy hours?

Even if in the worst case the battery drains out during the busy hours, Safe Seat acts as a normal toilet seat cover without the plastic roll. Any issue regarding the product can be reported on the 24 hour helpline number 8080600700.

27. What if my consumption during each day exceeds the rotations per roll? Will my housekeeping staff have to frequently change the rolls?

Even if the consumption is high, every roll provides 150 rotations. As opposed to this, the earlier practice needed the toilet seat to be cleaned after every use. In addition to that, the procedure to change the rolls is as easy and quick as changing the toilet paper roll.

28. Can the seat break at the point of attachment?

Very unlikely. We maintain high quality standards in manufacturing the Safe Seat ensuring a very high resistance to stress.

29. What if my business is shifting from one location to another?

The Safe Seat can easily be uninstalled and shifted to another location with the help of our installation manual. However in case of assistance, the client can contact our service representative by giving prior notice.

30. My housekeeping staff is not well versed with this system, how long will it take for them to learn?

During the time of installation, our service staff will train the entire housekeeping staff on how the machine works and how to change the rolls. With our regular service we ensure the housekeeping staff will be well versed with the working of the product.

31. In case of emergency, how quick is your service?

In case of an emergency where the machine is not working, the client can call on the 24 hour helpline number: 8080600700 or the number of the sales executive with whom the client is in touch from the company. Once informed, within 48 hours the machine will be serviced or replaced in the worst case.

32. What is the procedure to order for rolls?

The client can call on the helpline number, the number of the sales executive or any person with whom the client is in touch from the company. Contact details will also be mentioned on the manual attached in the washroom above the Safe Seat. Once the order is placed, the client will receive the required rolls within 72 hours.

33. Are there any delivery charges on rolls?

If less than 20 rolls are ordered, there is a delivery charge of Rs.200 per order. Any order of 20 or more rolls will be free of any delivery charge.

34. What is the credit period?

There is no credit period. We collect the payment on installation, and in case of repeat orders, on delivery.

35. Is the roll price negotiable?

The price of the rolls are non-negotiable.